• Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Website (built with Next.js)
  • Professional Portraits

In my role as a freelance designer and developer, I collaborated with Bonanza Counseling Services in 2023 to enhance their brand identity and online presence. This comprehensive project encompassed logo design, website development, and professional photography for their CEO.

Embarking on the logo design journey, I focused on distilling Bonanza's complex ethos into a minimalistic symbol using Adobe Illustrator. Through a process of creative reduction, I translated key aspects of their counseling services into basic, yet meaningful shapes. A vital part of this design phase was market research. Determining to diverge from the typical greens and tree motifs prevalent in the industry, I crafted a unique identity that would make Bonanza stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The website's design philosophy aimed to project professionalism and trust, achieved through a muted yellow color palette. Each page, including Home, About, Services, FAQs, and Contact, was crafted to communicate Bonanza's services clearly and facilitate client interaction, especially for session bookings via Simple Practice.

One of the most challenging and enriching aspects of this project was developing a multilingual website. Initially, I underestimated the complexity of integrating an additional language. However, as I delved into the intricacies of internationalization (i18n) for Next.js, I learned about locales, middleware, and the necessity of refactoring my code to accommodate bilingual content. Implementing a language switcher button and transforming all hardcoded text into a dynamic dictionary that switches content based on user locale or language preference was a significant yet rewarding endeavor. This feature not only enhanced the user experience but also broadened the website's accessibility to a wider audience.

I chose Next.js and TypeScript for their fast loading times and SEO benefits. The learning curve was steep, particularly as I adapted to a late-stage change, removing the Simple Practice widget integration. This experience underscored my ability to adapt and problem-solve under tight deadlines.

This project was a journey of growth and learning, allowing me to deepen my understanding of client needs and enhance my technical skills. The positive impact on Bonanza Counseling Services, evident through improved client engagement, has been a source of great professional satisfaction.

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